But what the hell is it saying?

I love money talks musical

MATTHEW LYNCH, Business Manager

Matthew Lynch is a speaker, sometime drummer, and constant shenanigator. He is fascinated by people, and obsessed with community building - the events he produces are designed to create conditions for unexpected collaborations to occur.

After speaking on the TEDxHonolulu stage in 2011, he produced TEDxHonoluluSalon from 2012 - 2014 and is currently developing TEDxKakaako for Honolulu's most dynamic up & coming urban neighborhood. Other production credits include PermablitzHI, BarterBar, Foodiology, SummitFest2014, and several annual events including the Oahu Community Seed & Plant Exchanges, the Oahu Permaculture Design Courses, and the Hawaii Sustainability in Higher Education Summits.

Matthew has been recognized by the State of Hawaii Senate twice in the last three years for his work in community building.