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I love money talks musical

A Musical Extravaganza


THE WILDLY TRUE STORY OF 2 Women artists, born a generation apart, struggling to understand their own value by writing a broadway musical about money.

Like The Vagina Monologues which brought global issues of women's sexuality out of the shadows, MONEY TALKS is the first show of its kind to shine an empowering light on a subject every modern women struggles with: Money & self-worth.

When 37 year old  German-born international singer/songwriter Lucie Lynch met 58 year old Brooklyn-born international author Marcia Zina Mager they were both grappling with financial challenges and their own inherent value. Despite their age difference, the two Honolulu-based artists decided to creatively deal with their life-long money demons by writing a full length Broadway musical. That 18-month journey transformed into a brazenly honest TED Talk-ish musical play chronicling the ups and downs of their intensive collaboration.

MONEY TALKS has performed for diverse audiences including women inmates, recovering drug addicts, church and synagogue congregations, corporate and theatre crowds. MONEY TALKS  won the prestigious Audience Choice Award at the Maui Fringe Festival and broke box office records at the Oahu Fringe Festival in Honolulu.

Fiercely entertaining and deeply provocative, this intimate 2-women musical story brings audiences to their feet- and sends them home with a brave new way to view themselves and the world. 





" Inspirational! Your performance at our corporate event was perfect! I laughed and cried. A message I want my daughters to hear." [ Maurice Thibodeau, Director of Growth, iQmetrix]
"Deeply inspiring breath of fresh air! I wish every artist could see this to remember why we do what we do." [Roslyn Catracchia, Award-winning Composer & Lyricist]
"Money Talks brought down the house at Habilitat." [Jeff Nash, Director, Habilitat]
"Money Talks takes on the 21st Century’s last modern taboo! Revealingly tender and brazenly funny!" [Kaui Lucas, Producer ]

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